[amsat-bb] Signalink Modification for 9600 baud

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Thu Oct 12 03:07:22 UTC 2017

Please be aware that there is a very active group on twitter that is at the cutting edge of satellite decoding 

Sometimes people decode them just as they are pushed into space



> On 12 Oct 2017, at 12:33 pm, Rick Kowalewski <rick at vk6xlr.net> wrote:
> Hi Christy,
> Correct, pin 4 on the 6 pin mini-din to Signalink SPKR pin.
> With the IC-9100, for example, it must be set to FMD (FM Data). Looks like the FT-847 needs menu #23 (Pkt-Rate) set to 9600.
> The cable I'm using is the SL-CAB6PM.  This has all 6 wires connected.  I was using it with a FT-847 when I had one.  Plugs straight into the IC-9100.  Just need to change the Signalink jumper from 5 to 4.
> I'm still yet to try TX.  Will get there though :)
> 73,
> Rick VK6RK
> On 12/10/2017 09:56, christy hunter wrote:
>> Hi Rick.
>> thanks for commenting. for your setup I assume you are using the IC9100 6pin dataport?
>> the USB signalink is wired to pin 4(9600)?
>> and are you also Tx 9600 packet, uplinking to the Satellite?
>> my signalink has the little plug (sans connection to the pin 4), and with my radio cant test the
>> receive portion without rewiring to pin 4. (have tested as is with no joy).
>> 73
>> christy KB6LTY
>> --------- you wrote ----------
>> Well that's interesting.
>> I've used a USB Signalink with an Icom IC-9100 and hs-soundmodem to
>> successfully decode 9600 from Falconsat-3.
>> To my knowledge, the Signalink has not been modified.
>> 73,
>> Rick VK6RK
>> On 12/10/2017 05:55, christy hunter wrote:
>> >/based on discussion with a technician at Tigertronics, the USB />/signalink will not allow 9600 baud packet due to the frequency />/response is too narrow. He said none of the commercial external />/soundcards will work with 9600 bd packet. The only option is to />/construct a circuit, or use a 9600 baud TNC. (not too many options on />/that front.) />//>/the Tigertronics website is a bit miss-leading because it ref. 9600 />/baud on its wiring diagram. Mine is setup for the 6pin miniDin />/connector(the pin 4 - for 9600 bd on my radio dataport- is not />/connected) for my FT 847.  At this time I can only decode by />/connecting the 9600 pin on my radio (dataport) to a line-in to my />/Laptop soundcard (and not using a isolation circuit). />//>/It would be nice to hear of any solution to this, without buying a />/$400 TNC (kantronics 9612). />//>/there are several websites that talk to this issue, here is one of them />//>/https://www.soundcardpacket.org/5modes.aspx />//>/73 />/Christy KB6LTY/
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