[amsat-bb] Signalink Modification for 9600 baud

David W0DHB dave at w0dhb.net
Thu Oct 12 01:46:19 UTC 2017

Just looking at specs.

9.6 Khz baud packet needs (per G3RUH spec)
•Response to DC
•Response no worse than -4 db at 4.8 kHz 
•No worse than -10 db at 7.2 kHz 

The Tigertronics spec's say audio response 300 Hz to 3.3KHz  -  ouch  
Depending on how quickly the audio response curve rolls off the Signallink is kind of iffy for 9.6K .
Some folks have gotten it to work.

This outfit has an isolation transformer spec'ed 20 to 20KHz.
A little pricey, but it is stereo so TX and RX audio are covered with a single unit


For just RX, a dongle, HDSDR and hs_soundmodem do a great job .

Dave W0DHB

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based on discussion with a technician at Tigertronics, the USB signalink will not allow 9600 baud packet due to the frequency response is too narrow. He said none of the commercial external soundcards will work with 9600 bd packet. The only option is to construct a circuit, or use a
9600 baud TNC. (not too many options on that front.)

the Tigertronics website is a bit miss-leading because it ref. 9600 baud on its wiring diagram. Mine is setup for the 6pin miniDin connector(the pin 4 - for 9600 bd on my radio dataport- is not connected) for my FT 847.  At this time I can only decode by connecting the 9600 pin on my radio (dataport) to a line-in to my Laptop soundcard (and not using a isolation circuit).

It would be nice to hear of any solution to this, without buying a $400 TNC (kantronics 9612).

there are several websites that talk to this issue, here is one of them


Christy KB6LTY

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