[amsat-bb] 9600 Capable Dual-Band Radio?

Greene, Stephan A stephan.a.greene at vencore.com
Wed Oct 4 14:55:45 UTC 2017

Per the VX8 manual, the APRS modem can be set to 9600 (APRS/GPS Set Mode
Item 4, APRS MODEM), so it *might* work. [I own a VX8D, I have never
used the 9k6 speed and did not remember the radio has this capability.]
You would be limited to what can be read from the radio's display; I
don't believe there is any way to access the TNC or use an external
display or external software.   So less flexible than the Kenwood
D700/710 and APRS-ready HTs.

73 Steve KS1G

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How would a Yaesu VX-8D do with FalconSat-3?
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