[amsat-bb] Weekend Rove - Full Schedule

Ken Alexander k.alexander at rogers.com
Wed Oct 4 02:01:21 UTC 2017

Hi All,

Following is the full schedule for this weekend.  Pretty ambitious, so 
don't be too upset if I have miscalculated travel times and show up 
late.  Precision is not one of my specialties!

Some passes start minutes after the previously listed pass.  I find I 
usually run through everyone in the first few minutes, so if an equally 
favourable (or better) pass happens soon after then I'll move on to the 
next one.

Note that I added FN65 early Sunday morning.  I received a request for 
FN68, which is about the same distance out of my way.  However, FN65 is 
an easy drive down the Trans Canada Highway, where FN68 is a drive 
across new Brunswick (moose country) on a secondary road.  In addition, 
that part of the province is mountainous and I could spend hours just 
trying to find a place to set up.  I went for FN65.

I'm tired.  I hope I got my dates and times right.  I've been know to 
mess this up before!  Please have a look to make sure that I have 
included you and your region and if not then please let me know and 
we'll try to work something else out.

== Friday Oct 6 in FN35/36 ==
2100  AO-85
2130  XW-2C
2224  SO-50
2305  XW-2C
2349  FO-29  CQ Europe!
0007  XW-2F  CQ West Coast!
0038  XW-2A
0127  AO-73

== Saturday Oct 7 in FN56/57 ==
1308  XW-2F
1311  AO-73
1329  XW-2A
1334  FO-29
1421  SO-50
1426  AO-7  CQ Europe!
1448  AO-73
1526  FO-29 CQ West Coast!
1602  SO-50
1612  AO-7  CQ Europe!

== Saturday Oct 7 in FN57/67 ==
2111  UKUBE-1 CQ West Coast!
2125  AO-85
2151  AO-7    CQ West Coast!
2215  XW-2F
2249  SO-50
2307  AO-85   CQ West Coast!

== Sunday Oct 8 in FN65/66 ==
0009  AO-73
0030  SO-50  CQ West Coast!
0037  FO-29  CQ Europe!
0147  AO-73  CQ West Coast!
0222  FO-29

== Sunday Oct 8 in FN47 ==
1426  FO-29
1446  SO-50
1507  AO-73  CQ West Coast!

73!  Hope to work you this weekend!


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