[amsat-bb] Alternative to M2 LEO Pack

Lou Michaels w2lmm.qsl at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 16:44:03 UTC 2017


After an 18 month hiatus, I got the bug to put the satellite station back
up. I have all the equipment in house (g5500 rotor, antennas, radio,
interface, and cables) and can have this up and running in an afternoon -
possibly this weekend.

Now as most of you are probably aware, the LEO pack contains a 4x4 on VHF
and an 8x8 on UHF.

What if I wanted a bit more, meaning what might be the next step up in
terms of a VHF and UHF circular polarized yagi?

I'm also working with a 3ele 6m yagi under the elevation rotor, but I'm not
opposed to pulling that down to make room for center-mounted booms.

I'm asking because, while I'm leaning back towards satellites, I'd like to
retain at least some ability to work terrestrial.  The 4x4 CP on 2m ssb
certainly seems like a step down from what I'm working with now (7x7 xPol
yagi) - I'm not looking for parity, just a slight improvement over a 4x4.

As always thanks for your insights and wisdom in advance. See on you on the
birds real soon.




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