[amsat-bb] FalconSat 3 iGate using rPi and pymultimonaprs?

Mike Thompson zryder94 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 16:37:38 UTC 2017

I am running a terrestrial APRS iGate from my house using a Comet GP-15
tri-band vertical.
RF is fed into an RTL-SDR, connected to my raspberry pi. I am currently
using pymultimonaprs to make this all happen, and in Marco Kubon's tutorial
(http://www.kubonweb.de/?tag=rtl-sdr) he says it's possible to catch the
ISS APRS frames by changing the RTL section of the config file.
Does anyone know if I can add in a 3rd frequency to capture FalconSat3
Does this look reasonable?

 proc_src = subprocess.Popen(
                                        ['rtl_fm', '-f',
str(int(self.config['rtl']['freq'] * 1e6)), '-f', '145825000', '-f',
'435103000', '-s', '22050',
                                        '-p%s' %
str(self.config['rtl']['ppm']), '-g', str(self.config['rtl']['gain']),
'-l', '10',
                                        '-E', 'offset' if
self.config['rtl'].get('offset_tuning', False) else 'none',
str(self.config['rtl'].get('device_index', 0)), '-'],


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