[amsat-bb] Roving Again This Weekend

Ken Alexander k.alexander at rogers.com
Tue Oct 3 01:01:47 UTC 2017

Well, the "VE3HLS All-Hit Request Line" has been overloaded lately, so 
it's time to get out and do something a little bigger!

*The Plan*

...is to fill in some gaps in some of your grid maps.  Thus, I will be 
leaving Friday morning for Quebec.  Night 1 will be spent in Joliette, 
QC, where I hope to activate FN35/36 late Friday afternoon and early 
Friday evening.

Saturday morning, I will head further east and hope to activate FN56/57 
beginning around 1430 UTC.  I'll stay there for a few hours, then move 
on to activate FN57/67 beginning around 2130 - 2200.  FN57/67 is my last 
stop of the day, so I can afford to stay there a little longer.

Sunday and Monday are reserved for driving back home.  However, I'll be 
making two brief stops to fulfill some requests, namely FN47 and FN45.  
I'll try my best to do at least one of these activations on the boundary 
with FN46 to provide "added value"!

I'll likely spend Sunday night in FN24.  If anybody needs it then let me 
know.  Otherwise I'll just crash in front of the TV!

Potentially 10 grids, if everything goes according to plan.

*The Weather**

As of earlier today the weather forecast for the entire destination area 
sucks.  The forecast for Saint Leonard, NB currently says 30% chance of 
showers on Saturday and worsening on Sunday.  I'll go anyway, provided 
the forecast doesn't get any worse.  Standing out in pouring rain and 
letting my gear get soaked is another matter; I won't do it.  I'd rather 
it snowed. Rain may also slow my travel progress and make me late.

*Other Caveats*

Traffic could also be a problem.  It was miserable on Labour Day 
weekend.  This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and the highways tend to 
be busy and slow.

Put all this together and it makes it a little tougher to come up with a 
precise schedule.  What I'm going to do is put together a schedule that 
includes passes that happen up to an hour or so either side of my 
planned arrival times.  It doesn't mean I'll make every pass, so watch 
Twitter for updates.

And if all my plans go down the toilet then I'll do some landscape 
photography, another passion of mine!



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