[amsat-bb] Falconsat-3 and APRS HT's?

jeff griffin kb2m at arrl.net
Sun Oct 1 23:40:20 UTC 2017

Has anyone managed to post a message to the BBS on FalcanSat-3 yet?

73 Jeff kb2m

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Hi Bob!

There are more than a few of us who have tried FalconSat-3 with the HTs
capable of 9600bps APRS. The TH-D7 and TH-D72 are probably the best HTs for
this, as they are capable of full-duplex operation.
I have used my TH-D72 to make a few QSOs last weekend, and I have also used
other combinations of radios to get on these passes...

1. TX: TH-D74, RX: another TH-D74
2. TX: TH-D74, RX: TH-D74 and SDRplay with HDSDR & UZ7HO's
3. TX: TH-D74, RX: SDRplay with HDSDR & HS-SoundModem 4. TX: TH-D74, RX:
SDRplay w/HDSDR, HS-SoundModem, UISS

With all of these radios and combinations of radios, I have been using my
Elk Antennas handheld 2m/70cm log periodic, going through a 2m/70cm diplexer
whenever I'm using more than just the TH-D72.

For a few of these passes where I used the SDR receive setup, I have made RF
recordings. Using the UZ7HO or UISS programs, I am also making logs from
each program. For just the HT, pictures of the HT's screen showing the
messages exchanged with other stations and other information like position
packets. I have posted files in my Dropbox space at
http://dropbox.wd9ewk.net/ (look for folders with "FalconSat3" in the folder

I just tried the 4th setup listed above for the first time on the
1756 UTC pass this morning. As I've seen before, I am receiving more data
with the SDR setup than with the HTs. I saw my own packets passing through
the digipeater - my position/comment packet, as well as a couple of messages
sent to ALL. I haven't tried using the software directly to a radio, but I
have a SignaLink USB here, and may work on that. The SDRplay, along with
HDSDR's AFC function, works very well on the downlink. I normally don't have
to make any adjustments to the downlink frequency during passes, as long as
I am reasonably accurate in pointing my antenna skyward. UISS makes it
easier to keep track of call signs, rather than just looking at the
HS-SoundModem window - especially when a burst of packets show up on the
screen, and I might miss something as it scrolls off the window.

I have two more really nice passes this afternoon - 1935 and 2115 UTC. I am
going to use the same setup on those two passes, and hope to see other
stations using the digipeater like me. Maybe I will add to my short list of
FalconSat-3 QSOs (currently at 3)...


Twitter: @WD9EWK or http://twitter.com/WD9EWK

On Sun, Oct 1, 2017 at 3:20 PM, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:

> I was confused.  I thought FALCONSAT-3 was a PACSAT protocol store and 
> forward system because I thought I saw people trying to get the old PB 
> and BG code,  But the AMSAT web page says it is 9600 baud GMSK up and
> https://www.amsat.org/falconsat-3/
> 435.103 MHz down and 145.840 up DIGI call of PFS3-1.  While of course 
> setting 5 memores to chase the Doppler the full 20 KHz during the pass.
> So I am surrprised that I havent heard of anyone making contacts with 
> any ole' APRS HT or Mobile...  All of these radios can do 9600 baud 
> and APRS natively..
> Im under Kitchen arrest until 1st grandkid arrives soon and cannot play.
> If I missed something, ignore me.  Ill go back under my domestic rock...
> Bob, WB4APR
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