[amsat-bb] Waterproof mast mounted preamp enclosure?

Gregory Beat w9gb at icloud.com
Sun Oct 1 23:18:51 UTC 2017

Steve -
IF you desire a waterproof mast enclosure, 
used by SSB-Electronic GmbH for their mast pre-amplifiers and downconverters
I purchased empty mast enclosures (2) from SSB Germany, about 10 years ago.

UK-based Uputronics sells a Mast Mountable Enclosure for £34.34
They have a number of other useful items.

The other sourcing  option, 
are outdoor low-voltage enclosures used in the CATV, Telco industry, and Electrical trades. A well-stocked electrical supply house will have Plastic & Metal boxes.

Outdoor Patio Deck resellers sell an enclosure for low-voltage patio lights.

Perfect Vision enclosure for TV/CATV users.

I have “re-purposed” obsolete CATV (1970/1989) aluminum “line enclosures” used on their outdoor distribution lines — these are very nice.  Rarely sold at hamfests, as “plug-n-play” crowd did not understand potential usage.
Many of these units were replaced over last 20 years as Cable industry updated their systems in 1990s for 2-way amplifiers (Internet / Home Security service delivery).

greg, w9gb
> Looking to move my two mast mounted preamps into an enclosure. 
> Who knows of a good mast mount enclosure handle 2 Advanced Recv'r
> 160 Watt Mast Mounted Amateur Preamp's inside? 
> The preamps are 5" wide and 2-1/2 deep. 
> Steve, NS3L

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