[amsat-bb] Falconsat-3 and APRS HT's?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Oct 1 15:20:33 UTC 2017

I was confused.  I thought FALCONSAT-3 was a PACSAT protocol store and
forward system because I thought I saw people trying to get the old PB and
BG code,  But the AMSAT web page says it is 9600 baud GMSK up and down.


435.103 MHz down and 145.840 up DIGI call of PFS3-1.  While of course
setting 5 memores to chase the Doppler the full 20 KHz during the pass.

So I am surrprised that I havent heard of anyone making contacts with any
ole' APRS HT or Mobile...  All of these radios can do 9600 baud and APRS

Im under Kitchen arrest until 1st grandkid arrives soon and cannot play.
If I missed something, ignore me.  Ill go back under my domestic rock...


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