[amsat-bb] Satellite Tracker

Fred Castello fredcastello at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 13:37:40 UTC 2017

I saw your request for a rotor control unit on the mailing list.  I was in your shoes a year ago or so and chose to go with the ERC-M USB unit:

http://schmidt-alba.de/eshop/product_info.php?products_id=18 <http://schmidt-alba.de/eshop/product_info.php?products_id=18>

It is a kit that went together VERY easily and I can’t over compliment the company and the support offered by its founder and CEO.  I would also suggest that you read the reviews at eHam.net:

http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/8210 <http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/8210>

All 5/5, really hard to beat.  I also want to state that I have no connection with the company at all.  I am sure there are other products out there that are fine, but I can tell you for sure that this product will work great and if you ever need support, you will get A-! support.

Good luck and Best Wishes,
Fred - KF4FC

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