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Thank you for your input Ted. That is exactly what I was looking for. Michael Vivona

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Hi Michael,

I discussed this topic several months ago, on email,  with Mike Carper, the owner of the HRD program. Mike told me he was committed to 'fixing' that portion of the program. I just forwarded your post to him and asked him to weigh in on this bbs.

In the meantime, tell the person you talked to that the HRD Sat portion simply DOES NOT WORK, especially on linear birds. It will get by on most FM birds, at least in the past. (it got me my VUCC mostly on AO-51) If you intend to get back to the person at HRD, tell them the best illustration of the problem in THEIR software can be shown by picking any satellite pass: start up HRD's sat program side by side with SatPC32 (you really don't even need a radio connection). Then look at the numbers for alt, elv distance, etc. They will not even be close. Since we know SatPC32 is the current 'gold standard', we can conclude that something in HRD is not right or not calculating properly. Simple as that. HRD cannot keep blaming someone else. The sat portion simply does not work.

I hope Mike joins this bbs and stands by his commitment, as expressed to me, to fix his great software, which clearly has the best graphics of any sat program in the marketplace.

73, Ted

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Hi All,
HRD (Ham Radio Deluxe) has just sent me an email wanting me to buy the latest license for ver-6. I replied to them that I would love to if they have fixed the know long standing issue with Doppler control of inverting satellites. I received a prompt reply with the typical "never heard if this" attitude without actually saying it. He wants to know what my station setup is. Radio, Windows version, connection, etc. I wonder if one of you fine gentlemen can give a knowledgeable description of the exact circumstance and issues.It has been several years since I tried and failed with HRD and I don't actually remember the particular circumstances, and, so I don't have to go all through loading everything back on my computer and working through all the scenarios to find the problem.
thanks in advance.
Michael VivonaKC4ZVA EL98

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