[amsat-bb] The signalink USB does not pass 9k6 audio bandwidth

christy hunter cchunter3 at mindspring.com
Thu Nov 23 17:06:40 UTC 2017

Using my USB, FT 847, HS_soundmodem, and UISS, I have had success making 
contact with WD9EWK, and KK6OTJ on one FalconSat pass. (PFS3-1)

no modification to the USB (except to wire it for the pin 4 (9k6 on the 
radio dataport)). With this setup I can also connect with a local 9k6 
packet node.

  caveat: for transmitting, connection success to the node is not 
consistent, and for Falconsat very few hams are on for successive 
testing. (probably need to learn WISP for next step.)

For receive with this setup it decodes with no problem from what I can 
tell on all passes.

73 Christy KB6LTY  - Happy Thanksgiving All!

>>/What is a good computer interface that will handle 9k6 audio bandwidth? 
Mike K4MIA /

I can confirm that the Signalink will not pass 9600 baud signals out of
the box. The tech at Tigertronics told me that some have modified the
unit to work 9600 baud packet, but didn't have any further details. I
suspect the mod has to do with bypassing the audio transformers.

Another approach would be to use your PC's sound card along with UZ7HO's
full-duplex Soundmodem. I've had great success working Falconsat using
this setup with a cheap StarTech USB sound card. Scott's, K4DKR,
plug-n-play PTT works well with this setup.

If your intention is to work Falconsat, you'll need a virtual serial
port to link Wisp with the UZ7HO's Soundmodem. Let me know if you need
further details.

UZ7HO's HS Soundmodem:http://uz7.ho.ua/packetradio.htm

StarTech Card:

Tony -K2MO

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