[amsat-bb] AO-91 TLEs/KEPS with FoxTelem

George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
Mon Nov 20 06:33:17 UTC 2017

I did that, but FoxTelem complains that it can't find the TLE for AO-91.  Nasabare.txt is in the download folder, and FoxTelem has extracted the keps for AO-85, but not AO-91.  I even tried copying and pasting the AO-91 data from nasabare.txt to FOX2.tle, but the program still complains that they are missing or corrupt...

Any suggestions?

George, KA3HSW

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​If you are using FoxTelem and want it to automatically grab the latest
keps, or be in sync with the name you are using in SatPC32, then you need
to change the name of the spacecraft from RadFxSat to AO-91.  You can do
that from the spacecraft menu on the setup page.  Put AO-91 in the name box
instead of RadFxSat.  If you use a different source of TLEs now or in the
future, you can change that field to match.

And no, I'm not able to get the OSCAR number in advance so that I can build
it into the release :)  It will be in future releases though.



Chris E. Thompson
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