[amsat-bb] Jack Audio w/FoxTelem

Roy Dean royldean at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 17:47:14 UTC 2017

I know I'm beating a dead horse, but has anybody here had recent success
using jack audio (ubuntu/linux) with FoxTelem?

I'm trying to pipe audio into FoxTelem with Jack, and I'm simply not doing
something correctly.   First and most importantly, whatever I am using to
generate audio (GQRX or rtl_fm from a terminal prompt) completely freezes
as soon as I start the jack server (before I even "connect" the input and
output), but resumes as soon as I stop the jack server.   Not sure if this
will ever work if jack stalls the software generating the audio.

Hoping to get something up and running by the Fox launch, but now I am
reminded as to why I gave up on this a few months ago.

Any tips before I throw in the towel (again)?


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