[amsat-bb] 9100 AEA DSP2232 WiSP setup

kb2mjeff at att.net kb2mjeff at att.net
Sat Nov 4 11:38:07 UTC 2017

Moving right along here. This morning I discovered my problem with the RX. 
II 'm using the right SINGLE port, Data2, had 9600 baud selected,  but 
didn't turn on the data mode. Odd thing is the 9100 will RX 1200 baud packet 
with data mode off, but not 9600. I figured out that I need to select Modem 
28 in the DSP2232 for the 9600 baud RX to work. So we will be testing the RX 
with WiSP on Falconsat3 this evening. I'm also getting a connection error I 
don't understand when MSPE tries to connect to the 2232. In the meanwhile 
I'm falling back to running PuTTY to test RX and setup the 2232.

So the remaining issues are the MSPE connection error, and I haven't come up 
with an idea on how to do the WiSP PTT. I'm running SatPC32, with WiSP for 
the antenna pointing and doppler tuning.  Anyone using this setup have any 

73 Jeff kb2m

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I had some time today to start working on my Pacsat station. Is anyone else 
trying to setup a 9100, WiSP, DSP2232, and SatPC32 ?  I got the setup to rx 
1200 baud APRS packets, but can’t rx 9600 baud from Falconsat-3. I’m using 
an old cable I used to use with a 910, and an FT-847. I have 9600 baud 
turned on. Anyone else get this to work?

73 Jeff kb2m

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