[amsat-bb] Elex equip surviving total immersion

Zach Metzinger zmetzing at pobox.com
Mon May 29 23:05:45 UTC 2017

On 05/29/17 16:11, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> That sorta worked.  But the screen was shot.  Next day I took it apart 2
> screws and then just unsnap everything.  There is virtually nothing inside
> but one circuit board anda  few chips and the chcklet keyboard.  The screen
> would not detach.
> So I then put the ckt brd  in a 60C (140F) box and left it 24 hours.  Now
> it works perfectly!

Another handy way to recover after this sort of catastrophe: remove the 
battery (quickly, as others have said) and then put it in a bucket with 
_distilled_ water. Slosh it around a bit, pull it out, dump that water, 
and repeat.

Then dry it out with the 140F box. Compressed air can help get water out 
of the crevices, but go gently.

Pure, distilled H2O is non-conductive and is used to "aqueous" wash some 
electronics after soldering/reflow. Keeping a few gallons of distilled 
water around is useful for soldering sponges, irons, radiators, etc. too!

--- Zach

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