[amsat-bb] Captains and Passengers

Roy Dean royldean at gmail.com
Mon May 29 21:32:49 UTC 2017


*As We all know the World has changed since 911  ,    As a big Scanner
user **all of us use to be able to take a Scanner , Recorder . Camera
,  Binoculars **Etc to an Airport , Rail Yard ,  Boat Yard to Listen
and find Freqs .   if **we try that now Homeland Security  will drag
our butts in for Questioning .*

Oddly enough, the above is what got me into amateur radio (satellites came
along for the ride) - the government slowly starting to encrypt their
communications.   But the rest of it (being questioned by homeland
security) is not true (or, at least, is illegal).   If you are on public
property, and are not breaking any laws (of which there are none when it
comes to binoculars or cameras), then homeland security CANNOT detain you.
  If they do, you have a very winnable court case.


The above applies to private entities, as well.

If scanning is legal in your locale (and it is in MOST states), then local
and federal police can't do anything about it - at least not without
violating our (USA) constitutional rights.

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