[amsat-bb] Captains and Passengers

Mon May 29 20:52:09 UTC 2017

A little  short story a long time ago 1963 US Navy I was  the IC Electrician
and a small PCE ship stationed out  of Great Lakes Naval Station , We would
pick up reserves and do training on Lake Michigan , I Did not have My ham
lic  but had always been interested  in Communications  . I did have a CB
Lic KRJ6696 yes we use to have them LOL .   I got permission from the
Captain to put My CB on board ,   I ran over 500 Ft of RG-58 Coax to a
Fiberglass ant I installed on the mast ..  I Know now that I would have been
lucky to have 4 Watts going in and less than one at the ant ..  

Well it was  fun I could hear 80 Miles groundwave and people could hear Me 

so about a week later  We were out in the middle of the big lake  and I got
a call to report to the Capt on the bridge . I got all  nervous put on My
best uniform and went stood at attention and Said,   Yes sir . He was  upset
and shouted He was trying to watch TV And He heard My voice and could nor
watch the TV  And told Me to get My crap radio off turned off   I said Yes
Sir  .He also said  remove  the radio and ant from His Ship or He would come
down and throw it over the  side .. I said Yes sir and that was the last of
My Radio Communications aboard a Ship,    Well except later on two Aircraft
Carriers in the Communication Room ..  Even at ½ Watt  that was stronger
that any TV Signal out across the Lake .  So Yes  the Capt and People like
Him in chare are the final say so. 

As We all know the World has changed since 911  ,    As a big Scanner user
all of us use to be able to take a Scanner , Recorder . Camera ,  Binoculars
Etc to an Airport , Rail Yard ,  Boat Yard to Listen and find Freqs .   if
we try that now Homeland Security  will drag our butts in for Questioning .
And be put on a watch list ..

Since I am taking up bandwidth I would like to Wish Everyone  a Wonderful
Safe and Happy Memorial Day.   and A Big Thank you to the ones that gave
their ultimate Sacrifice for all of us to Have the Freedom We all have . 

73  De Don KA9QJG 

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