[amsat-bb] Ham Radios on Princess Cruises

Jerry Buxton n0jy at amsat.org
Mon May 29 02:33:41 UTC 2017

Yeahhhh, well Jeff, I certainly like ham radio a lot and maybe more than
I should now and then (certain XYLs will probably attest to that) but a
cruise is a cruise and so not quite enough discomfort with the ham radio
thing to warrant giving up a good vacation.     :-)

Jerry Buxton, NØJY

On 5/28/2017 20:40, Jeff Moore wrote:
> Cancel your cruise and be very specific as to why you are doing so and then
> book on a line that WILL let you bring your radios!!  Hams deserve better
> treatment than this!
> 7 3
> Jeff Moore  --  KE7ACY

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