[amsat-bb] Have Flight? Will travel. APRS Satellite ready-to-go

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat May 27 22:52:18 UTC 2017

If anyone has access to a ride to space on a HOST, remember that we have a
fully qualified flight unit DIGIPEATER and DTMF transponder module ready to
fly as an attached payload to any HOST spacecraft.  Lets call it QIKCOM-3.
The mission of the identical QIKCOM-2  is described here:


We delivered the QIKCOM-2 flight Unit#1 back in 2015, and it might finally
fly this fall.  So, I just realized that the backup FLIGHT unit is also
ready to fly (attached to a suitable host).

Unfortunately,  the Air Force (responsible for all DoD satellite launches)
has unilaterally declared that they will not accept any more Amateur Radio
student satellites from the Naval Academy for flight on DoD launches*, and
so this unit is available to anyone that can get it attached to a payload
and get it launched.

*this is a two year long battle and we appear to be losing.  Don’t ask.
I’ll give the sorrid tale when the last and final nail is in the coffin.
But in the meantime, this module is available and so I wanted to get it out
there for possible alternate rides to space.  Since that seems to take
several years…


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