[amsat-bb] Current state of "STARS-C/Hagoromo"

Suzuki, Yasuyuki suzuki.yasuyuki at shizuoka.ac.jp
Mon May 22 06:33:00 UTC 2017

The current state of "STARS-C/Hagoromo"- Space Tethered Autonomous 
Robotic Satellite

Hi all.
I am Prof. SUZUKI Yasuyuki /WR1J , Shizuoka university, Japan.
I'll post instead of Mr. Takeru Kumao (student of our univ.) the project 

Quotation Start>>

- We haven’t been able to receive the CW signal from the mother 
satellite since May 18, 2017, and from the daughter satellite since May 
11, 2017.
(When we had received the signal of the daughter satellite, we confirmed 
the gap between the frequency of the design value (437.255MHz) and the 
frequency we operated(437.254MHz).

- We consider that the grand station at Shizuoka University might have
something wrong and the other ground stations might be able to catch the 
- The altitude of STARS-C has been going down gradually since STARS-C 
was released from
the ISS.
- We are planning to conduct the main mission when STARS-C receives 
sunlight.(2017/5/23 12:10-12:19Z) The reasons of the plan are as follows,

1. We will observe STARS-C using an astronomical telescope because we 
haven’t been able to receive the FM signal from STARS-C.
2. We expect STARS-C to generate enough electricity and hence transmit 
information at the situation

The frequencies of STARS-C are as follows:

Mother satellite (JJ2YPL): CW 437.245MHz, FM(1200bps) 437.405MHz
Daughter satellite (JJ2YPM): CW 437.255MHz, FM(1200bps) 437.425MHz

[The request to radio amateurs]

(1) Whether it can be received the CW signal of STARS-C at your ground 
station or not.
(2) If it can be done(1), whether each frequency of STARS-C have some 
gap or not.
(3) Whether the second, fourth and sixth line(Telemetry format)are 
appeared or not.
(4) We would like to know the information of fifth line especially.
Telemetry format: 

Please send the report on the following site.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

STARS-C project manager Takeru Kumao
kumao.takeru.15 at shizuoka.ac.jp

<< End of Quotation
73 DE WR1J SUZUKI Yasuyuki
suzuki.yasuyuki at shizuoka.ac.jp

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