[amsat-bb] Nomination for DXpedition'er of the Year.

R.T.Liddy k8bl at ameritech.net
Wed May 17 16:43:28 UTC 2017

Thanks for the great job of giving out SO many Grids forus hungry SAT Ops!!! You're like a Grid Superstar!
I share your joy in roving and giving out Grids and hearingan Op say, "Thanks for the New One!". It makes the hoursof driving and time and expense well worthwhile.
TNX/73,    Bob  K8BL
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Thanks guys! It's a lot of fun to go to these places and hand out rare DXCCs and grids. I couldn't do it without all my great chasers! The year is still young and I have many exciting ideas, you'll hear me from other exciting places for sure. My long term goal is to work the US over satellite from 100 DXCCs, I'm at 14 now (16 total operated from in the past year including US and England). I know there are many ops that have been stuck around 90 DXCCs worked for years and I'd love to push that over 100. 

I really enjoy operating portable with my FT-817NDs and arrow, even in -20°F! It's pretty amazing what one can do with just a basic station and a little ambition (and practice).

Sometime in the near future I'll be beginning my training as an air traffic controller and I'll be more locked down to weekends and occasional three day weekends for a few months (I've still managed to make it to Canada on regular weekends before). Another long term goal is to get and airplane and become the "ATC pilot satellite rover dude", maybe even fly to Sable Island someday.


Crazy Gabe


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