[amsat-bb] Nomination for DXpedition'er of the Year.

Ronald G. Parsons w5rkn at w5rkn.com
Wed May 17 01:05:53 UTC 2017

For what it's worth. I'd like to second this nomination. Talking to Gabe in 
person is very convincing that he loves this activity. He obviously has fun 
doing it and would do it even if all of the beneficiaries of his roaming 
were anonymous. I love following him aprs.fi and and find him sneaking 
another breakfast at Tin Hortons. Keep it up, Gabe.

Signed (anonymously), Ron W5RKN

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I'd like to nominate Gabe Zeifman NJ7H for Satellite Dxpedition of the Year.
Or maybe Dxpedition Operator, whichever is better.

Gabe just returned from Europe after activating nine DXCC entities,
including some that are really difficult from North America, and making a
serious effort to work as many US stations as possible.  And I mean a real
effort.  He was up at all hours and standing outside with his portable
stations working those of us back home.  Fortunately, AO-7 kept working
(more or less) and many of us got to work 'new ones'.  And on top of all
that, Gabe has already uploaded contact data to LOTW so DXCC and VUCC credit
is there waiting.  I was able to work 3 new countries and some very rare

Thanks, Gabe!  That will be a hard act for anyone to follow.


Grant Zehr AA9LC

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