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And FYI to all,

Verizon had been sending out notices of their decision to stop email, they are doing it region by region, some may have not seen the change yet.  FIOS here has not done it yet.

I believe Verizon is the parent of both verizon and AOL, no sense doing verizon email when aol was doing it

I did the DSL AOL migration,  nothing was lost, all folders transferred,  it was quick and no problems encountered.    Nothing at all is changed.  Also you keep your verzon email address,  I even use my legacy bellatlantic.    But you need to do it before the cut off.

It may be too late Tom, but suggest contact Verizon support, if not done already,  they may still have your folders stored somewhere.. 

73 ES GL

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Sometime in April, my old "K3IO at VERIZON.NET" email address went extinct due to Verizon making a unilateral decision to get out of the email business. They had an ill-conceived (and IMHO quite user hostle) scheme to hand over all their responsibilities to AOL.COM. As a result, all my old Verizon email archives were lost and I am no longer getting any mail thru the Verizon hose.

As of immediately, use "TOM.K3IO at GMAIL.COM" for any future mail, and also please resend anything of importance to me from April.

73 de Tom, K3IO

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