[amsat-bb] Can QSO's be manually input to LOTW?

Kevin M n4ufo at yahoo.com
Fri May 5 17:10:44 UTC 2017

I might share a trick that I use for satellite logging using TQSL. Instead of creating a new file each time you can click on:

File > Edit Existing ADIF File... > then open a previously created file.

What file? Well instead of just using a single file for ALL satellite contacts, I have a file for each bird. That way, after a pass, I merely open the file for the corresponding satellite, then I click the >>| button that takes me to the end of the file. I click ADD QSO and then I enter the callsign, change the time and date and save. By having one file for each satellite, when I add a new QSO, I don't have to re-enter the bands, prop mode, satellite, etc.

It may not be as easy for everyone, but for me it makes logging after a pass, extremely simple. Just a note, this method is for home logging only... for rover ops, I have to keep separate files for each location. But those details for another time. also, I archive my files at the end of every year to keep size down.

73, Kevin N4UFO

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