[amsat-bb] Fox Delta ST2 Rotor Controller problem

Paul Baldock pbaldock at frontier.com
Thu May 4 17:26:58 UTC 2017

I have a new ST2. It worked fine for a couple of weeks. Now the 
display displays very strange messages, such as the word "warning" . 
 From day to day these odd messages change. Through all of this the 
unit continues to perform correctly via RS232 including maintaining 
calibration factors. The display will change from one power up to the 
next even without RF being present so it is not RF getting into the unit.

According to Dinesh of Fox Delta I must reprogram the PIC (or buy a 
new preprogrammed one) to get it back to the factory default. I have 
a feeling this is not the issue as it still works fine via RS232.

Has any body else experienced this?

- Paul  KW7Y

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