[amsat-bb] Interesting quad grid point in Northern Maine, + FN87

Brent Taylor vy2hf.radio at gmail.com
Mon May 1 16:32:49 UTC 2017

As I plan my semi-annual trek from Atlantic Canada to Deerfield, NH for
NEAR-Fest, I have been corresponding with a few hams who badly need FN55,
FN56, FN65, and FN66. I used to live in FN66 when I operated as VE1JH in NB
and remember it being quite popular back in the AO-27/UO-14 days.

Just for kicks, I took a look to see where those four grids intersect and,
lo, they all come together just steps from the side of a "Fire Road" that
branches off from Route 2A not too far south of Houlton, ME.

While the pass times don't work well for a Quad-Point expedition on my trip
later this week, I'm wondering if this 4-point has ever been activated in
the past. The terrain looks fairly clear, and not too hard to get to (if
you're already that part of Maine, of course).

If there is a bad need for that, and if I find I'm able to travel back that
way over the summer or fall this year, I may do a dedicated activation. I
think it would be fun. I may need bug repellent, though.

As well, I am still planning to activate FN87 in the very near future. This
grid is almost entirely over water, and only a thin sliver touches the
shore of Prince Edward Island. As small as the Island is, FN87 is still
close to a 2-hour drive from my place. I'm close to having multi-mode
receive through an SDRPlay-Android Tablet combination, and when I get that
working well I'll schedule the trip.

If anyone has a RX-only FT-817 that they would part with for fair $$$,
maybe I can arrange these travels a little sooner, hi hi.


Brent Taylor

Brent Taylor, VY2HF / W1PJ
Stratford, PEI, Canada

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