[amsat-bb] Schedule for Saturday April 1 - FO00 and EN98/99

Ken Alexander k.alexander at rogers.com
Thu Mar 30 14:35:27 UTC 2017

Hi All,

Following is my tentative schedule for Saturday April 1st.  Once again, 
please get in touch with me if my schedule hasn't given your area the 
coverage you were hoping for.  Let me know your AOS and the proposed 
satellite and I'll see if I it will work from here.


1.  [Overlap] means the next satellite pass begins before the current 
pass ends.  The plan is to drop AO-73 in time to make AOS for FO-29.  
Likewise with FO-29 and EO-79.

2.  [CQ Europe!] means I hope you guys in Europe are reading this! :-)

Saturday in FO00

  01.04.2017  AO-73  15:10 [Overlap]
  01.04.2017  FO-29  15:15 [Overlap]
  01.04.2017  EO-79  15:30
  01.04.2017  AO-07  16:51 [CQ Europe!]
  01.04.2017  EO-79  17:06
  01.04.2017  SO-50  18:00
  01.04.2017  AO-07  18:40
  01.04.2017  SO-50  19:41
  01.04.2017  AO-07  20:32

Saturday Night in EN98/99

  02.04.2017  SO-50  00:47 [might not get back in time for this]
  02.04.2017  AO-85  01:22
  02.04.2017  AO-73  02:09
  02.04.2017  SO-50  02:27
  02.04.2017  FO-29  04:06 [will try to stay up for this one!]



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