[amsat-bb] Hard times for satellite radio buyers?

Mike Diehl diehl.mike.a at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 05:33:03 UTC 2017


I too wish for a V/U purpose built rig and in particular a portable one. A rig with dual VFOs and full duplex capability. I don't see this type of rig offered from the "Big 3" anytime soon. 

I think instead of everyone trying to get them on board, we should pursue the smaller manufacturers. I see these Xiegu HF rigs and they look pretty nice. My guess is a company like this has facilities to produce a nice, modern sat rig. Perhaps we should send our votes of support to a company that would cater to a niche market.

As far as ancient tech goes, I think it still works pretty good. Used two 817s to work Russia from a park in LA county about a week ago on AO-7, launched back in 1974. It's not the most ideal rig but it can still get the job done. 


Mike Diehl

> On Mar 18, 2017, at 10:53 PM, Ken M <va7kbm at outlook.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> Is it not hard times for new and prospective satellite operators (like 
> me) in terms of equipment choices, at least in terms of the "big three"? 
> (And, to be clear, I'm talking about current, in-production models only.)
> I'm looking for an HF base/mobile radio, and also a VHF/UHF-only 
> all-mode base/mobile radio that I can use for the linear satellites but 
> - wait - there are no VHF/UHF-only all mode radios! That means I need to 
> buy a "shack in a box" but - wait - there are only two choices (at what 
> I will call moderate prices), the ancient TS-2000 and equally ancient 
> FT-857D. There is the new and somewhat more expensive FT-991A and, 
> although that sounds like a very good radio, for HF at that price point 
> I might prefer the IC-7300 but that would mean no satellite work.
> I'm also looking for a portable HF QRP radio, and a portable radio I can 
> use for the linear satellites. Again the venerable but ancient FT-817ND 
> is pretty much the only game in town. As with the HF base radios above, 
> if I am only interested in HF QRP I would probably rather put my money 
> toward a KX2 or KX3 of newer design but, again, that would mean no 
> satellite work.
> So as a new operator, to get into linear satellites it seems I am forced 
> to either (1) troll the swap meets for ancient gear; (2) buy new gear of 
> old design (which in my mind is even worse); or (3) buy new gear of 
> modern design that works for satellite and HF, but is not necessarily 
> the radio I would choose for HF alone.
> I should add that the situation is not much better for HT/mobile radios 
> for the FM satellites, but at least there are some cost effective 
> workarounds including the less expensive Baofeng/Wouxun/Tytera radios 
> and their clones.
> Thanks for indulging my shopping frustrations, and my inexperience, but 
> I have to think there are others new to the hobby that are having 
> similar thoughts. Do Amsat members see this as a problem?
> Probably off to spend some new money on an old radio...
> 73 - Ken - VA7KBM
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