[amsat-bb] NO-84 - the investigation continues

W5SAT w5sat.brad at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 06:33:37 UTC 2017



Yep - that was me calling CQ tonight.  My first time trying PSK31 on NO-84.
I read your posts on the subject and it sounds like you are doing everything


I was able to consistently seem myself when running 50 watts throughout the
pass and as low as 20 watts when the satellite was overhead.  Any less and I
couldn't make the round trip and decode myself.  


I mostly used a Zero-Five 10-40 ground plane vertical (27 feet) but I was
also able to make the trip with a G5RV Jr. antenna about 15 feet above
ground.  I might try the G5RV Jr. for the full pass next time since that is
a cloud warmer for sure at that height.


I am using a TS-2000 for both TX and receive.


I assume you are 28.120 Mhz USB on your uplink (never hurts to check) and
have configured DopplerPSK with your location and put fresh elements in the
tle folder where DopplerPSK is.


I noticed it took a few seconds to activate the transponder when I started


Well, that's all I have to offer at this point since today was my first try
using this mode.




Brad Schumacher



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