[amsat-bb] Satellite Antennas For Sale

Jim Jerzycke kq6ea at verizon.net
Fri Jun 30 00:55:56 UTC 2017

Hi, everybody

As part of our Great Colorado Move, I have a couple of satellite 
antennas for sale.

#1 is a Gulf Alpha dual-band "Easy Satellite Antenna". It has 6 elements 
on 2 Meters, and 8 elements on 70cm, linear polarized on each band. I 
used this one year at Field Day to rack up 45 contacts, so it works very 
well. Never been outside in the weather, as it was my Field Day antenna, 
so it's in excellent condition.

Asking $100, open to offers.

#2 is a KLM 40 element circular polarized 70cm antenna, with the 
polarization switch box. Again, never been outside, but has some minor 
corrosion from just being so old.

Also asking $100, open to offers.

I greatly prefer local pick up on these. I suppose I could ship the Gulf 
Alpha antenna, but I'll have to take it apart and box it.

The KLM antenna simply can't be shipped, as if I take it apart I'll 
destroy the "keepers" that hold the elements in the boom.

Antennas are located in Long Beach, CA, and I can drive a reasonable 
distance to "meet you half way" if you're interested.

Thanks, es 73

Jim  KQ6EA

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