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Bruce kk5do at arrl.net
Tue Jun 27 03:42:14 UTC 2017

Field Day is all over. However, you are not done. Not at least until you 
get an email from me confirming I have received your AMSAT Field Day 
Summary Sheet. Deadline is 11:59PM on Monday July 10, 2017. This is 
earlier than the ARRL submission deadline. I need the extra time to get 
the article ready and off to the journal editor so everything will 
appear in the next issue. Do not forget to send me some photos of your 
site or operators. I try to get at least one for every group into the 

This was the first field day I have been able to actually participate in 
for some 13 years as I worked on Saturday and Sunday. I took my M2 Leo 
Pack to the Texas Emergency Amateur Communications (TEAC) site in 
Kingwood, Texas and set up there. First pass of SO-50 for field day and 
I snagged a contact right after V31CI left the window. He was having a 
pretty good amount of activity at the start of the pass over the Houston 
area. I was using my Wouxun KG-UV9D HT for 70cm receive and my Icom 
2200H 2m mobile for TX.

Packed everything up and drove to the the Sam Houston Amateur Radio Klub 
(SHARK) site in Cleveland, Texas. I set everything up there and waited 
for the second pass of SO-50. This time, the armstrong rotors were not 
pointing at the right spot for a contact. Only a 22 degree pass for me, 
pretty much horizon shot and they kept wanting to point at 60 
degrees...urgh. They missed out on their satellite contact. They enjoyed 
hearing the satellite nevertheless.

Packed everything up and home I went. That was enough field day fun for 
me for one day :-). By the way, bought some nice new cables for the M2 
Leo Pack for field day.... 15 feet long. I was thinking of when I use my 
Arrow antenna and have a 4 foot long cable. Was not really thinking the 
Leo Pack are much larger antennas and 15 feet does not allow for much 
turning of the antennas. Will need to go for at least maybe 30 feet for 
next year. oops



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