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Jeff Griffin kb2m at arrl.net
Sun Jun 25 18:04:32 UTC 2017

I noticed something odd today while operating satellites for FD. I usually
get anyone who wants in the audience involved, I have someone log, I make
the contact and run the s/w and radio, I also pass the mic to anyone who
wants to make a sat contact, and another person will point the antenna. We
find a north marker and I give that person my cell phone as a antenna
pointing aid. Anyway on my cell phone running GoSatWatch an iPhone app that
there was a AO-73 pass at 9:28 EST. The pass was a nice 77 degree's. I
walked to my sat setup with the group and turned on the TS2000 and my
Laptop, and I couldn't find the pass on my laptop. To make a longer story
short after looking at all data the 9:28 on the iPhone pass was a phantom
pass. I noticed it was only 38 minutes after the last AO-73 pass. I still
can see it after doing a kep update in my phone. Anyone else see this?
Anyone know why this might happen? I've never seen it before. 

73 Jeff kb2m 

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