[amsat-bb] Appalachian Trail Packet Event 15 July

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jun 22 17:07:25 UTC 2017

On  Saturday, 15 July we man-up 15 mountains from Maine to Georgia for the
Annual Golden Packet attempt.

We still need operators on 4 peaks below that are FULLY familiar with APRS
operation from their APRS radios for the 4 hour event.

* Mt Washington, New Hampshire

* Mt Equinox, Vermont

* Sam’s Point state park, New York

* Hawksbill, VA on BR parkway

All of these are drive-up sites.  For more info and all kinds of details,
see:  http://aprs.org/at-golden-packet.html

This will be the 9th year to demonstrate cross-continent packet
text-messaging over 2000 miles and 14 hops using no-prior infrastructure.
This year we will operate at 9600 baud since last year it worked as well as
1200 but should allow double the message throughput.

After getting your paltry 100 points at Field Day.  Get some respect, and
come have fun with packet radio!

OR start up your own LONG-LINEAR packet test anywhere else in the country.
Pacific Coast trail?  Continental Divide Trail? Lewis&Clark Trail?


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