[amsat-bb] Water as Primary Method of Spacecraft Propulsion

Davidoff, Martin R. MDAVIDOFF at ccbcmd.edu
Thu Jun 22 14:25:03 UTC 2017

NASA has just awarded a launch and a construction grant to Cornell University for a CubeSat designed to orbit the moon.  Launch is scheduled for 2019.  The core spacecraft technology involves a water electrolysis propulsion thruster which Cornell has been working on since 2009.


Makes me recall an article I read many years ago ...

J. King, "Using Water as a Primary Method of Propulsion for Spacecraft Modifying Standard STS Orbits," Orbit, no. 19, Nov/Dec 1984, pp 5-8.

This article is available at 
(Thank you Phil!)

Martin Davidoff, K2UBC

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