[amsat-bb] Iceland/Greenland/Faroe Islands on Satellite July 4-19

Gabriel Zeifman gabrielzeifman at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 07:30:57 UTC 2017

Hello bird peoples of the night,

Good news. I have finalized plans for an upcoming trip to Iceland,
Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. Once again, this is a trip with family so
radio is not my priority. I will put forth my best effort to give these
rare entities and associated grids to everyone in range.

I will be arriving in Iceland at about 0000Z on July 5 and spend one night
at the hotel on the airport (access to HP83/84 line). We will be in Iceland
until July 10 with numerous grids in the HP and IP fields possible, no
strict plan yet.

We will continue on to the Faroe Islands July 10-14. I will make an effort
to operate from both IP61 and IP62 while in the Faroes.

Finally, we will head to Greenland on July 14th staying until the 18th. The
destination in Greenland is Ilulissat in GP49. I do not anticipate any
other grids to be activated in Greenland, although if there is an
opportunity I will, but I don't expect any opportunities. From GP49 all of
North/Central America and Europe should be in range, along with portions of
South America, Asia, and Africa, much of it even possible on SO-50. I
anticipate a nearly perfect horizon to the west.

On the 19th we travel back to the US with a several hour connection in
Iceland. I will also have two nights on the beginning and end in New York
City, and July 21-25 in Florida (anyone who needs EM90, hit me up).

In exciting news, this very well may be the last DX use of NJ7H. Don't
worry, I am not retired from roving. I am beginning my training at the FAA
as an air traffic controller on July 26th and will be very busy with that.
I expect facility placement in late October, and I am requesting Alaska.
Although I cannot yet be certain, I have been told that I should expect to
receive my request.

QSLing for this trip will be via LoTW. I still need to get some new generic
cards printed, but if you need paper I'll get cards printed eventually,
just don't expect rush service (I have some from other trips in the
backlog, don't worry I havn't forgotten).

Calls to be used:

Iceland: TF/NJ7H
Greenland: OX/NJ7H
Faroe Islands: OY/NJ7H

73 and mind the ERP,


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