[amsat-bb] Orbitron with WispDDE

vimone at alice.it vimone at alice.it
Sun Jun 4 10:34:52 UTC 2017

Hi folks,
Is there anybody that uses Orbitron with WispDDE and the ERC -M?
I have mounted and set ( Thanks to Rene ) it to use with the Yaesu G-5500 Azimuth/Elevation Rotors.
I have interfaced it with the Orbitron software but get a couple of issues:

- When the satellites reach the LOS, the rotators remains in the last pointing position
  and does not move to the parking position as set in the WispDDE rotator settings.

- When i click on another satellite, the rotators moves to the Azimuth position even if the satellite is not visible from my Qth.

Please anybody can tell me if I am making something wrong?
Thanks for any help that will be really appreciated.

73's de Enzo IK8OZV

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