[amsat-bb] Tracking Program Window off screen

Larry Koziel aptura.larry at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 15:32:15 UTC 2017


It sounds like there might be some error window or dialog window that's 
popped up on the area of the window that's off screen and out of view. 
If that's the case, usually that window has to be dismissed before  you 
can do anything with the main window. What might work is to use one of 
the stupid Windows tricks (apologies to David Letterman's Stupid Pet 
Tricks and Stupid Human Tricks).

Make sure the main window has focus. You can do this by clicking in the 
window since at least some of it is visible. Then hold the window key 
and press the up-arrow key. This should maximize the main window. If so, 
you should be able to deal with whatever window that popped up demanding 
your attention.

This often, but not only works when you've had two monitors connected 
and closed a program while it's on the second monitor. Many programs 
will start up wanting to run where they were shut down and if you start 
it again without the second monitor attached, you can't drag it to the 
monitor that is attached. In this case, make sure you have focus by 
clicking on it in the task bar. Then use Windows key + right or left 
arrow to move it horizontally. You may have to hit it several times 
because it will first move the window to the edge of its current monitor 
before moving it to the other monitor.

I've found that it doesn't work for some programs, but it works for more 
of them than not.


Larry K8MU

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