[amsat-bb] Lilacsat-1 QSO - Could be first over US?

Robert Mattaliano n6rfm1 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 05:28:22 UTC 2017

Just completed QSO with Scott K4KDR in VA (FM17) from RI (FM41) on
Lilacsat-1.  This may very well be the first digital amateur downlink QSO
over the US. Thanks Scott!

DK3WIN and GI7UGV were also successful across the pond a few days ago.
Congrats guys!

Recall that Lilacsat-1 is among the QB50 constellation recently launched
from the ISS.  This bird is has a Codec2 1300bps digital downlink.  Setting
up the decoder requires an SDR for RX on a Linux platform.

A few hints - run low power (5-10 watts), keep mic gain down for better
audio clarity, watch out for desense since 2M up and 436 down with the SDR

More information at http://lilacsat.hit.edu.cn/?page_id=257.  Tks BG2BHC
and the Harbin team.
Also, a lower latency decoder from EA4GPZ at
M6SIG also has an updated ISO here https://t.co/vmARZqIBoU

Hope to hear you on,


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