[amsat-bb] Looking for 8.8125 MHz xtal

Greg D ko6th.greg at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 22:31:49 UTC 2017

Looking back in my notes, the diode-based generator idea was from K5OE,
where he put a 1N4005 diode in parallel with five 47K 1/2 watt resistors
(so, all 6 in parallel), driven at 29.999 mhz directly from his HF rig. 
I did the same from my 2M HT, and it seemed to work.  Also a lot more
portable.  No clue what sort of return loss it presented, but the HT
survived just fine.


I also tried using a 50mhz crystal oscillator module connected directly
to a small 13cm ground plane antenna.  That worked too, though the
signal was much quieter (48th harmonic).

Greg  KO6TH

Zach Metzinger wrote:
> That's a great idea on the 2m rig as an exciter for a diode comb
> generator. I'll have to try that out tonight on my unmodified unit! I 
> assume that you attached the diode on the other side of a 20 dB pad 
> to give some sort of reasonable return loss for the rig?

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