[amsat-bb] AO-7 broadband noise in passband.

Bill Bordy, NJ1H nj1h at comcast.net
Thu Jun 1 04:02:22 UTC 2017

I have been observing AO-7 quite a bit lately and I have noticed three 
broadband humps in my panadapter display. I also see these in W5RKN 
panadapter captures at:


This confirms these are being transmitted from AO-7. They disappear 
immediately after the mode switch in his captures. I also observed this 
today at 31 MAY 2017 about 19:03 UTC during a mode switch.

Does anyone have an explanation of why these occur? The obvious might be 
some sort of signals on the uplink. Has anyone identified if these 
signals occur throughout the world or just in specific areas. If you 
look at these, a large part of AO-7's power output is being used to 
transmit the broadband humps.


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