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Sat Jul 22 08:33:10 UTC 2017

Details of our club "Special Event Station " planned operations.
Apologies for any typo's or gaps that may transpire in the format and  word 
wrap. The format when I post out
does not seem to be as it appears on my screen when I  prepared the 
In view of this I have edited and revised my previous version and  trust 
that this posting gets through OK.
Also experienced  some of my earlier posts being returned.
Her Majesty's Royal Mint special event. (GB4RME)  

Members of  the Barry Amateur Radio Society will be operating from "Her  
Majesty's  Royal Mint"  
located  at Llantrisant, South Wales,UK
Call sign - GB4RME (Royal Mint Experience ) 
July 30th   - August 5th 2017.
Locator:  IO81HN   WAB:ST08

The  hours of operation on a daily basis have been limited, but we expect 
to  operate between 0800 - 1730 hrs GMT.
It does restrict operation  for satellite and passes in addition of course 
AO-73 operates in  data  mode Monday to Friday when illuminated (Auto mode). 
   However on  the first day of the event  ( Sunday 30th July )
and  the last day (Saturday 5th August )  the transponder mode should  be  
available if commanded on.
Some satellites may only have early passes on a  daily basis and if I 
cannot get access to our op's room on site, I may have to  use a portable set up  
from the car park

The general other  activities of the event and the special call will be on 
the HF   bands using :

This event will also  include an exhibition and demonstrations of "Amateur  
For  example - How  amateur radio is used together with amateur satellites  
and the ISS, in a  role
play for education and furthering  a career. ( STEM ).

Note also this event also co-incident with the  event taking  place for 
"YOTA 2917"  (  GB17YOTA )
and should  be significant as a  prime contact for youngsters participating 
from world  wide.
Saturday 5th August is our final day of operation but the first day for the 
 "YOTA GB17YOTA " teams.

This special event station is a world first,  operating from within a Mint, 
 and a Royal one of  course. 

Details about the mint can be viewed  at:

QSL via  GW0ANA, direct, by the Bureau, LoTW and ClubLog.
There will be a  Web  page set up for the operation on QRZ.com.

Ken Eaton
Member  AMSAT-UK, AMSAT NA, RSGB , Barry Amateur  Radio  Society.

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