[amsat-bb] Elevation meter Rotor YAESU G-5500 stopped working

Albert van Deursen avdeur at home.nl
Tue Jul 18 21:56:35 UTC 2017

Hi all,


All of a sudden the elevation meter stopped working of my Yaesu G-5500 rotor
controller unit . 

No issue with the AZ meter. Rotor itself keeps on steering / working
without any problem in EL &AZ (via interface EA4TX ARS-USB) so all still
working fine (fortunately !)  for satellite work.

Looks like a component failure in the controller unit  or the meter itself ?


A physical check (opening the controller unit) didn't show any anomaly.
Being a not too tech ham was wondering if any of you Yaesu rotor users had
seen this problem before / around ? 


Possibly anyone to hint/ indicate at a quick check in the schematic wire
diagram to where to start looking for this failure ?



Thanks beforehand for yr appreciated advice





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