[amsat-bb] SatPC32 and HDSDR

Tom Schuessler tjschuessler at verizon.net
Mon Jul 17 02:44:30 UTC 2017


I am still confused by the reverse Sideband mode when doing CAT control of
HDSDR as radio 1.  The frequencies are correct but the mode is reversed on
RX via HDSADR.  TS 2000 settings as you describe as well.  The interesting
thing is that if I use DDE from SatPC32 to drive the FCDP+ and HDSDR, the
modes are correct.  Of course, I can't select a frequency on the computer
and have that drive SatPC32 so unless someone has other ideas, your
suggestion might be a workable solution.  Just to remember not to use that
one when doing the FT847 by itself :)

An additional funny thing though, On most satellites, I have several
Doppler.sqf entries with slightly different frequencies and maybe an offset
correction.  If I select the last entry while controlling HDSDR, even if the
modes on this last line of Doppler.SQF are the correct sidebands, HDSDR
changes to FM.  Very odd.

I did also look at the nice paper written by Stephen, N9IP which confirmed
that I was doing everything right.

Tom, N5HYP

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I tested that with the FCDP+ as Radio 1 and the FT-847 as Radio 2. I added
an additional  line for FO-29 to Doppler.SQF with reverse SSB modes
(downlink LSB, uplink USB).  When I switched between the data lines (menu
CAT) the modes changed in HDSDR and at the FT-847.
Radio 1: Kenwood, TS-2000, baudrate 57600, same baudrate in HDSDR, CAT delay
Radio 2: Yaesu FT-847, baudrate 57600
All options in menu Radio Setup unchecked.

73s, Erich, DK1TB

Am 13.07.2017 um 06:28 schrieb Tom Schuessler:
> All,
> A quick question on using SatPC32 to control HDSDR.  I have a FCDP+ 
> and can control it via CAT via virtual Serial Port Emulator software.  
> I seem to have some success using the Kenwood TS 2000 settings for Rig 
> for this software/device.  Problem is that when I select a Doppler.SQF 
> line in the CAT dialog, HDSDR changes to the wrong SSB mode.  I have 
> to manually change it to USB on HDSDR.  FM works fine, but SSB modes 
> start out wrong.  Is there a better radio emulation to use than the TS
> Also, If I want to use the HDSDR/FCDP+ as the RX and my FT847 as TX, 
> which radio should best be radio 1 and which should be 2?
> Thanks much.
> Tom Schuessler

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