[amsat-bb] Unexpectedly a positive role model, of sorts!

Mac A. Cody maccody at att.net
Thu Jul 13 04:42:47 UTC 2017


Last Saturday evening, I worked SO50 and heard a young lady calling
out trying to make a QSO.  Nobody was responding to her call, so I
decided that I needed to respond.  I was barely able to make the
QSO successfully due to trees and buildings getting in the way.

On Monday, I received the email below that was sent by her father,
Tom W4SDR.  He set up a Google photo page and video of his daughter
Audrey's KM4BUN first satellite QSO.  The video and pictures are very
cool!  Tom W4SDR, gave me permission to share the link below. The
entire family have amateur radio licenses, which is impressive in

It felt good to be able to provide a positive experience for these
kids.  Just goes to show you that any radio activity can be an
opportunity for doing some good for someone else.  If you hear
Audrey KM4BUN or her brother Jack KM4ZIA, please try to give them
a QSO.  They are certain interested in setting up a sked.  They are
two smart kids that are enthusiastic about amateur radio and working
the satellites!


Mac / AE5PH

-------- Forwarded Message --------

Hello Mac,
I'm Tom McElroy, father of Audrey McElroy.
You were good enough to reply to her callsign the other night.
Thanks for doing that.  Audrey and her brother Jack work hard at being 
good kids, and good hams.

Here is a link to all of the action from Saturday evening, June 8th at 
our QTH:

You can hear yourself in the video, along with some dialog from the 
Apollo 13 movie.

Tom McElroy W4SDR

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