[amsat-bb] SatPC32 and HDSDR

Tom Schuessler tjschuessler at verizon.net
Thu Jul 13 04:28:18 UTC 2017


A quick question on using SatPC32 to control HDSDR.  I have a FCDP+ and can
control it via CAT via virtual Serial Port Emulator software.  I seem to
have some success using the Kenwood TS 2000 settings for Rig for this
software/device.  Problem is that when I select a Doppler.SQF line in the
CAT dialog, HDSDR changes to the wrong SSB mode.  I have to manually change
it to USB on HDSDR.  FM works fine, but SSB modes start out wrong.  Is there
a better radio emulation to use than the TS 2000?

Also, If I want to use the HDSDR/FCDP+ as the RX and my FT847 as TX, which
radio should best be radio 1 and which should be 2?

Thanks much.

Tom Schuessler

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