[amsat-bb] OY/NJ7H OX/NJ7H Update

Gabriel Zeifman gabrielzeifman at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 23:05:29 UTC 2017

Good evening bird folks,

We are approaching the end of ops from the Faroe Islands. I have been able
to work a number of passes from the IP61/62 line near where we are staying.
Unfortunately, the horizon only lets me work to about 4-7° depending on the
direction (in somewhat of a valley). The good part is that this is actually
very good for the topography of the Faroes. I do not have any way to get to
a better horizon from base, so that's about the best I can do (hey, at
least it's a grid line). Tonight (7/13 UTC) I will be on the FO-29 passes
towards North America at 0127Z and 0310Z. Planning a fixed transmit of
145.940 and going down in case of QRM. I'll see about getting on some FM
passes for Europe today as well, and FO-29 tomorrow evening.

On Friday we head out in the morning and go to Greenland GP49. I will be on
many passes from here and expect nothing less than a perfect horizon to the
west. All of North America should be in easy reach. There are SO-50 passes
where I'll be able to work Texas and Ukraine in the same pass. I will try
to make my way over to GP39 at some point for a day trip, but not
guaranteed. As with the rest of the trip, FO-29 is the primary focus since
it is near apogee.

While I don't exactly plan to be QRV from Iceland again, I will be passing
through again twice on flight connections. My connection in HP94 on Friday
is about three hours and on the way back to New York it is about five hours
near HP83/84. For the stragglers, I may be able to pull something off by
super special request. Otherwise, the last portion of this trip will be
FN30 and EM90 with a jaunt down the EL9x line to Miami, before returning to
Oklahoma City.

73 and mind your ERP,


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