[amsat-bb] KO10 and JO94 grids (Poland) SO-50 this and next week

Felix Paez EA4GQS ea4gqs at gmail.com
Mon Jul 10 11:10:28 UTC 2017

Hi friends,

I will be able to activate grids KO10 and JO94 from Poland during the next
days in SO-50. Maybe it is possible that I activate other ones in my route
between both grids as well.

More less it will be:

KO10 -> Between days 13, 16 July
JO94 -> Between days 17, 25 July

Also it might be possible some grid from Sweden in a short trip, but I
don't think it is really probable.

If anybody very interested please mail me for skeds, Also if anybody in
Gdansk wants to have a beer just tell me! I am going to be there some days!


Felix EA4GQS

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