[amsat-bb] Be sure to work TF/NJ7H, OX/NJ7H and OY/NJ7H

Grant Zehr grant at dzehr.com
Sat Jul 8 23:29:36 UTC 2017

If you have a working VU station be sure to work TF/NJ7H while he's in
Iceland.  Until this year Iceland was very rare via satellite and it's
incredible that Gabe has been there twice this year.  And, FO-29 is now in
just about the best possible position to give everyone in the CONUS a chance
for a Satellite QSO.


He's also planning to visit the Faroe Islands and later Greenland.  Those
are even more incredibly rare.  Even if your DXCC count is low, work him
NOW.  It could be many years before any of these come up again, and if you
miss him, someday you'll regret it.  Maybe not today or tomorrow, but
someday.  Just saying..


Grant Zehr AA9LC

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